Friday, December 7, 2007

Special Interest Groups, Take a Lesson in Lobbying

A bill is set to be introduced in parliament that will lead the way to US style suings of kids with shared songs on their computers.

Its a good example of people who don't understand changes in the world lashing out in the wrong direction.

The internet is here.
It is not going away.
Suing children will not stop file sharing.
DRM controls will be hacked the day they are released.

They shut down Napster, and eMule, Gnutella and Bit-Torrent were born. Faster, more anonymous and larger catalogs of pirated material.

Mr. Prentice, please, do not listen to the recording industry. Listen to the artists. Listen to the Bare-naked Ladies, Avril Lavigne, and Sarah MacLachlan. They don't need or want American style DMCA copyright control. You will risk sounding like the now laughing stock Doug Morris, CEO of Universal Music Group.

Please check out these links.

A list of questions from CBC listeners that Industry Minister Jim Prentice refuses to answer

Michael Geist, professor of Internet Law

Boing Boing, a Repository for weird and wonderful things, and proponents of Free Speech and Privacy

These copyright laws being proposed were written by people that do not understand the Internet or how to use it. It is being sold and implemented by people who don't understand the implications of what they are doing. It is not a series of tubes.

I believe in Free Speech.
I believe that free flows of information lead to greater innovation.
I believe no corporation has the right to invade my privacy.

One of the big problems with our government system, is those that are most affected by decisions made today are the least represented in government. Those who are in there 20's and 30's today are going to have to live with the decisions our government makes today, and yet there are very few people under 40 or even under 50 in government.

Time to change that.

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