Friday, December 14, 2007

One more item before I get back to work,

If you get a chance, check out Jordan Bateman's Langley2020 site. Jordan and I disagree on some issues, but we both agree that Langley, really the whole area south of the Fraser, is woefully under served by public transit. Please check out his ideas and leave some comments if you like them, don't like them, have questions, or have some more ideas of your own.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately) all of the comments, including mine, are very supportive. In order to make really cogent presentations and arguments, us pro-transit folks need to be aware of the counterarguments and be able to address them. So please, be critical!

Merry Christmas for those who celebrate it, and Happy Holidays for all,



WesternGrit said...

Hi Jake. I do agree on you about the transit situation South of the Fraser. Translink is not being as effective as they may be in this area. I'm going to be working more via the municipal level to attempt to get this issue acted on.

When the Conservatives killed the Federal Liberal Party's "Cities Agenda" they basically gave up on urban Canada - to appease their core support in rural and more outlying areas of suburban Canada. We Liberals need to bring back the "Cities Agenda" as a core of our platform. It really walks hand in hand with our green strategies.

Could you post contact info for the Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge Liberal candidate? I think her name is Rani Bellwood, but I can't seem to make contact. I reside North of Cloverdale (in Fleetwood, Surrey), but we have a Greek restaurant in the Ridge-Meadows area.

I wish you all the best, and we will be doing what we can to direct Langley votes your way.


Jake Gray said...

Rani is kind of hard to get a hold of, and quite frankly I don't know her very well. However I have a friend on their riding association. If you send me an email (, I can put you in touch.

Thanks for your wishes. If you know of Liberal voters in Langley, please pass on their info to me, and I'll see if I can turn them into volunteers!