Monday, March 5, 2007

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery

I'd like to know what the conservatives are actually going to do, because so far they haven't done anything. "But Jake" you say, "what about the ecoEnergy Efficiency Intiative?" The conservatives canceled Energuide, changed name and brought it back with lower funding, at a time when Canadians are demanding the government do more for climate change. "But Jake" you say, "what about the 270 million dollars for the Homelessness Partnership Project?" What about the 270 million dollars they cut from the liberal Supporting Community Partnership Initiative, both programs targeted at reducing homelessness? "But Jake" you say, "what about the ten million dollars the Conservatives gave to the Terry Fox foundation?" You mean the re-announcement of the money pledged the previous year by the Liberal Government? In agriculture, health, environment and housing, this government seems to thrive on cutting important programs, then relaunching them a short time later with a new name. Well, at least they're following the right platform.

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