Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A day in Langley

I was out and about late last week with Karen Kersey, a long time Langley Liberal, and all-round awesome lady. We went to visit Pat at A Bread Affair, a local artisan bakery at 206th and 56th. If you have a chance, go in and get a Lavender and White Chocolate muffin. They are awesome. I tried a sample of a pumpkin seed loaf (not my favorite, but Karen liked it) and I bought a loaf of sprouted whole wheat bread, which I ate in a day. I like bread, but this bread is dangerously good. Pat is a pretty nice guy as well, but he gave me a pretty rough time, which is exactly what we went there for.

Karen is helping me meet a bunch of old time Langley Liberals who haven't been too active as of late. It is very encouraging to see how many Liberals are in the city and township, and who are excited about getting back involved.

Sunday night was a big fundraiser at the Imperial Restaurant in Vancouver. It was a great turn out, being over sold by 30 tickets. The ability to meet people at these events is truly awesome. MP's, senators, and the leader of the Liberal Party, Stephane Dion. I have to admit, I was a Bob Rae supporter, and while I still believe he would have made a great leader, I am warming to Monsieur Dion. At first I was not particularly happy with the outcome of the convention. That is rapidly changing. The more I see him speak, or perhaps the more he gets to speak, the better he gets. The accent is getting better, but the passion remains. He truly has a vision for the country, and the drive to make it happen. So the question I have, is why is the media not giving him more air time? Last night I was watching Jack Leyton on CBC newsworld. Boring. Speaking of the media. . .

Yesterday morning I met with Frank Bucholtz of the Langley Times. What I thought was going to be a 10 minute "hi how are ya" turned into an hour and a half gabfest. We talked about everything from election dynamics to the looming baby boomers entry into the sunset years and its effects on health care, to child care, to the environment and my personal favorite transportation. I had a great time, and I hope I didn't bore Frank too much. Yesterday afternoon I went out to Aldergrove, where I was to meet Kurt Langman, editor at the Aldergrove Star.

Well it seems that Kurt fell off a ladder late last week and broke his arm! So he wasn't available to see me, however, I ran into an old friend in the Star office. Mr. Harry Hunt, the beloved custodian from L.S.S. and Aldergrove Secondary. I hadn't seen harry since our school ski trips in High School. He looks exactly the same (little more salt in the big moustache) and has the same high spirits and sparkling eyes.

My friend Karn, who used to be the M.L.A. for Coquitlam-Burke Mountain, told me that during decision to run for office he faced too many moments of serendipity for it to be accidental. I may be starting to believe him.


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