Thursday, February 22, 2007

Movement in the House

I have to ask the question, what is Harper up to?

His recent comments about Liberal MP Navdeep Bains, and his refusal to apoplogize, cannot be written off as a moment's vindictive weakness. This is a move that was discussed, prepared and calculated.

So the Question is why? Is it an attempt to paint the Liberal's as in bed with Sikh extremism? Possibly, but it was the Liberal party that started the Air India probe, and actively pursued justice. Is it an attempt to split the Liberal Party on an issue that is viewed as causing a rift in the party? If so, it was a bit of a backfire as attacking an MP in this fashion not only solidifies a party together, but could provide another strong rallying point for the public. Is it a diversionary tactic meant to divert attention away from the real issue? Maybe, but this has brought much more media attention to the issue at hand; extend or do not extend the anti-terrorism provisions. This is an important and complicated issue that deserves ardent and open debate, not mud-slinging.

Or perhaps, it was a moments weakness where we get to see Harper's true character. In any event, these events do not reflect the proud tradition of the House of Commons, and are an embarrassment to all Canadians. I can only shudder at the thought of what Harper and his cronies are planning next.


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