Monday, November 7, 2011


Work done on Rover:

Swapped distributor and coil with an electronic version from SimonBBC. Lots of fiddling with the carb. It was back firing on attempting to accelerate. Later swapped all the plug wires and rewired the coil with a relay straight from the battery. No more back firing.

Brakes are in and plumbed. They work, but need two pumps to get anything. I will be rebleeding the brakes this weekend.

Next on the list is it doesn't shift into 3rd or 4th. I hear this is do to synchro clips either being out of place or disintegrated. Hopefully the synchro itself isn't damaged. Peter from 3 Brothers Classic Rovers has sent me a few spare clips. I was up at Rocky Mountain Parabolics and they has a spare synchro for me to look at. I think I understand what I have to do.

Other item to work on is the fuel tank. Right now it run out of a jerry can. May get the tank in this weekend. Goal is drive-able by Christmas.

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