Friday, November 25, 2011

No luck at Aircare today. I went through three times, never failed, but I also never passed. It seems that my gas tank has a lot of loose fine rust dust in it. I put 20 litres of clean new gas in this morning, but by the time I drove to Aircare, the fuel filter was plugged and the tech couldn't keep the speed up for the test without the Rover stalling. I managed to drive home (very slowly). I bought a new filter, put it on, and drove back. Same issue. Drives great on the way there, stalls on the rollers due to a plugged filter. I had a spare, so I swapped that in and drove home. Next chance I get I'll drain the tank, fill it with new gas and head back to Aircare with the 4 spare filters I bought on the way home. On the plus side it drives quite nice when the filter isn't plugged.

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