Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Been Busy

But I have managed to put together a McWire Cartesian bot for doing some CNC work. I'm hoping it is stiff enough for light aluminum cutting, if not I'll use it just for circuit boards. This picture has just the X and Y axes, but I finished the Z last night as well. Just waiting for stepper motors from the MakerBot store. I have an old dell server setup to run Linux EMC2 for the control and I'll be using Tom McWire's easy stepper circuit control.

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dudemanlti said...

That is cool. Its sort of like a build it yourself robot. I study robotics at a small tech school in louisville Kentucky. I have programmed robotic arms and small work cells before. But I have only learned a small part of it so far. I think robotics is interesting and you should show the final results if it goes well.