Monday, October 5, 2009

first succesful inkjet printed PCB

I bought a kit from Full Spectrum Engineering to do PCB's direct from an Epson R280. The first two didn't turn out very well, but the third worked okay.The trick was to print it 3 times, not the 2 that the instructions say, cooking the ink each time and being Very careful when re-aligning the circuit board.

I think the double sided boards are going to be very tough.


Geekwad said...

I did not know we could do that! I hope you are printing out a circuit board for a RepRap, it would just be so appropriate.

Jake Gray said...

It's actually the output card for a diy inverter for an electric car. Its printed using an Epson R280 printer with special ink and frame for holding the PCB. It's very slick.

I may do a CNC reprap, but likely won't get to it until next year. Too busy.

Cheers, and thanks for checking things out.