Friday, February 6, 2009

Updated Photo

So here is the test VFD is it sits today. Sanguino is working generating a PWM 3 phase sin output to the firing cards. I have a 12v supply which is powering everything at the moment. I need to pick up some wire to hook the firing cards to the IGBTs, kluge some power to apply to the IGBTs, and then some big resistors or light bulbs or something to pump power through. I've found some help in locating a suitable vehicle and motors. Updates soon.
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Devon said...

Jake, Looks pretty interesting. I see your using one IGBT per phase... I'm doing something similar with an Arduino (really the Modern Devices RBBB) but I'm trying to get the 6 pwm outputs (2 per phase) so I can drive
something like:
... lower power, but all in one module, and I believe it can be driven directly from the RBBB.

Once I get my PWM control figured out, I'll post it on a webpage at and let you know.

Thanks for posting your code... though it doesn't really work for me, I helped me get through issues I was having in my code.

Keep up the good work! -Devon

Jake Gray said...

Hi Devon,

the modules are actually dual IGBT module, so I am using 6 outputs as well. (one positive and one negative per phase. Try my code with some LED's, I think you will find it is doing what you need.

I had a look at the chip you are going to use. Cool device, an entire VFD on a chip. Not nearly big enough for what I am trying to do, but great for a smaller application.

Check out the new post as I am having difficulties getting the modules to fire as I think they should, but I think I have found a solution.