Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New book arriving

I looked up some relevant courses at UBC in Electrical Engineering in order to find relevant textbooks. I found a course that was titled "Electro-mechanical Energy Conversion and Transmission" which sounded pretty good. However the textbook "Electric Machinery Fundamentals" from Stephen Chapman is a $200 plus textbook. I found it used for about $30 on Amazon. Woo! Still waiting for the encoder and the IGBTs from ebay.
I need to learn how to seperate the magetizing current from the torque producing current so I can figure out an algorithm for feed back and control of the frequency and voltage output. I may just use a Voltage/frequency table to start, but I'd like to learn how to calculate the real output required for Vector Control.
On a side note, I had a comment from MSimon, who I think is one of the avid contibuters to the Talk-Polywell fusion forum which I read every morning. If you're at all interested in super-conducting magnets, plasma physics, massive pulsed capacitor banks, or other energy geek type stuff check it out.

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