Monday, January 7, 2008

Back to writing

There are many things to write about today, and its hard to pick a topic. American elections, Ottawa mayor getting finger printed, Federal report calling for a carbon tax, Consumer Electronics Expo in Las Vegas, Storms in California. I might as well write about it all.

American Elections. My favorite candidate is the Democrat Bill Richardson. He believes in strong action on climate change, is a supporter of free trade, and is a proponent of more money for education and health care. Unfortunately he is pretty much out of the running now. Maybe he will make someone's running mate. Some of the other Democrat candidates use too much protectionist rhetoric for my taste. As for the Republicans, Huckabee is a train wreck. The guy should be a county commissioner in some backwater swamp, not a serious contender for the republican nomination. I suppose John McCain and Rudy Giuliani don't make me feel queasy, but do nothing to inspire me about the future. I get a bad feeling from Romney, not like he is evil, just that he has no real substance. He also some historical allegations of receiving bribes and influence peddling, which leads to...

Ottawa Mayor getting fingerprinted for influence peddling charges. The Mayor of Ottawa, Larry O'Brien, is charged with promising a previous mayoral competitor, Terry Kilrea, a cushy position with the National Parole Board of Canada if Terry were to drop out of the Mayorlty race. But it goes further than the municipality, as the Mayor of Ottawa can't promise a position like that, no no no, it would have had to be delivered by the then Chairman of the Treasury Board.....My buddy John Baird.....

Who just received the the Federal Report from the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy, which recommends a Carbon Tax or an immediate cap and trade system. John Baird's response was the usual blame Stephane Dion. I swear this guy blames Dion for the ring around his bath tub. The fact is a year ago the Dion and the Liberals were calling for a Carbon Tax. As written in a previous post, Baird is not a good choice for the position of Minister of the Environment. He only knows how to blame and evade. What we need is a luminary.....

Like this new TV from Sony just announced at the CES show in Vegas! I don't watch TV, and don't own one, but this things is so geek sexy, I might have to consider it. Organic LED lighting, only 3 mm thick, super bright, super efficient, super sleek. It's going to be super expensive, but somethings are worth it.

As California understands with their lawsuit against the EPA. Since their federal government is full of the same neo-conservative blockheads, California has been trying to impose their own CO2 restraints on cars and industry as they are seeing the direct results of climate change with their crazy summer of fires last year and the crazy winter of snow and rain right now. The EPA ruled that carbon emissions are federal jurisdiction, so the state is suing the EPA for not following their own mandate.

At least the issue is now big enough and public enough that it is showing up in the rhetoric of the presidential candidates.

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