Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Throne Speech 2

Here is my bet on what is going to happen. Throne speech will pass, probably with some form of amendments.

Crime bill will come almost immediately, it will be offensive and unworkable, and we'll be in an election right around Christmas.

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Oliver Wilson said...

I actually agree with everything you said about the Throne Speech except the part about the GST.

I know it was the Tories who introduced the GST (and the Liberals who promised to scrap it) but consumption taxes are regressive. They fall disproportionately on the poor who spend a much higher portion of their income on consumption than do the rich who save or invest a lot more of their income.

The GST also creates a large administrative burden for merchants. This is again something that is more of a headache for small businesspeople and tradesmen than it is for large corporations. Just because every country seems to have a VAT or a GST doesn't mean that is the most equitable method of taxation.

Reducing the GST is a good start but I would prefer if it were eliminated entirely.