Monday, September 24, 2007

Something I don't understand

It is a tough time to be a politician in Canada. There are precious few real issues with which to distuinguish oneself. Everyone clamors for the middle ground. This is why I really do not understand the conservative government's continued attempts to water down, delay, and ultimately ignore the single largest threat not only to Canada but to humanity. Canadians want there government to lead. The scientific community says we need drastic action on climate change, the financial community says we need drastic action on climate change, and the voters are ready to say we need drastic action on climate change.

So here is an issue I expected to be fairly difficult to capitalize on. I figured that everyone would be jumping on the Climate Change band wagon trying to out green each other. The Conservatives, usually so quick to follow the polls, don't seem to be reading the polls on how Canadians feel about climate change. The Prime Minister is continuing to push internationally to weaken, delay, and otherwise subvert international climate change efforts. The conservative plan delays real reductions to as late as 2030. This is in contradiction to what the entire scientific community, and recent polls suggest the majority of Canadians, say we need to do.

"The time for doubt has passed,” Mr. Ban, the Secretary General of the UN said. ”What we do not have is time. The time for action is now. That is why I have invited you, the leaders of the world. … The unprecedented challenge of climate change demands unprecedented action and unprecedented leadership.”

I wish this was not an issue I could campaign on. I wish this was an issue upon which everyone agreed on the course of action. I wish my country was a global leader in preventing climate change, and I plan to do my damnedest to make sure we are.

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